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can hamsters eat broccoli

Can Hamsters Eat Broccoli?

Broccoli is a staple vegetable in our household and one we all enjoy chomping on. Steamed, boiled, roasted and even raw, this versatile veggie can be served up in a number of ways. But is broccoli something that we should be feeding to our hamster Oscar, and if so, how do we cook it and

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how to stop a hamster getting fat

Can hamsters be fat?

Lockdown weight has been a hot topic of conversation for 2020, because with a pandemic sweeping the nation and a less hectic schedule to keep up, a lot of us have been filling our free time (and faces) with food. But how do you know if your hamster has gained weight? With their adorable chubby

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can hamsters eat cheese

Can hamsters eat cheese?

There is no getting away from it – cheese has become synonymous with rodents. From animations showing sweet mice nibbling on chunks of cheese to metal traps luring rats to their fate using large blocks of bait – it seems this creamy snack is simply irresistible. But can hamsters eat cheese, and if so, should

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best hamster foods

5 of the best pre-bought hamster foods

Hamsters, like humans, have their own dietary needs and whilst we need to ensure that we supply them with food that is nutritious, we should also make sure that it replicates what they would eat in the wild.View Post Your hamster’s diet has a direct impact on its health and wellbeing, so it’s important that

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best hamster sawdust

4 of the best hamster sawdusts to buy

For your hamster, their habitat is their home, so you want to make it as comfortable as possible. Therefore selecting a substrate that is soft, yet absorbent is really important. Finding the best hamster substrate is key as you want the material to be dust free whilst providing a safe and odor less environment. Below

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best hamster wheels

8 of the Best Hamster Wheels

Hamsters may be little but in the wild, they travel large distances often running for miles. Therefore, as responsible pet owners, we need to make sure that our hamsters have the opportunity to burn off any excess energy. The best way to do this is to invest in a good hamster wheel as it provides

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why do hamsters have whiskers

Why do hamsters have whiskers?

For nocturnal animals like hamsters, whiskers play an important role. They help your pet hamster to navigate, balance and smell and if you look closely enough, they can even provide subtle signs as to how they are feeling. In the wild, hamsters rely on their whiskers as a survival tool, to alert them to potential

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how much can hamsters smell

How good is a hamsters sense of smell?

Oscar is no longer an only pet, as during lockdown we welcomed our Cavapoo puppy called Rosie into the family. Whilst Oscar is unlikely to spot her wandering around the room as his cage is too high and the dog is too small, it has become obvious that the hamster can smell her. But just

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what is the best hamster bedding

What is the best hamster bedding?

A hamster will use its bedding to make a nest, but it will also carry it from place to place and gnaw on it from time to time. Therefore the bedding you choose for your hamster has to be soft yet safe and made from a digestible and non-porous material. Finding the best bedding for

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