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can my hamster get diabetes

Can my hamster get diabetes?

Diabetes runs in our family. My grandma and my dad also suffer with it, but it now appears that another member of our family has developed it…our hamster Oscar. Diabetes affects both humans and hamsters and needs to be controlled and managed through access to plenty of fluids and a balanced diet. If left untreated

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what are the best hamster treats

Best treats for hamsters

Everyone enjoys a treat, but hamsters are just like humans and when given the choice will always sway towards the sweet option. But what treats are considered healthy for hamsters? Here we look at the best shop-bought titbits and homemade snacks that you can give your hamster. What are the best hamster treats? The best

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should I take my hamster to the vets

Should I take my hamster to the vets?

Keeping pets is not always fun, and as responsible hamster owners, it is up to us to take them to the vets if they become poorly or injured. Having recently had to visit the vets for the first time ourselves, it got me wondering if we should have been making regular maintenance appointments for our

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how to look after a sick hamster

How to look after a sick hamster

It’s in our nature to nurture, and when our pets become poorly it can be a worrying time. This is something we, unfortunately, experienced first-hand recently, when our own hamster Oscar became incredibly ill very quickly. As hamsters are so small, they are not only more susceptible to becoming sick but less resilient at fighting

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why do hamsters lose their hair

Why do hamsters lose their hair?

Hamsters are cute and fluffy with super soft fur. Therefore, when they start to lose their hair or develop bald patches all over their bodies, it is often a warning sign that something is wrong. You may be wondering why hamsters lose their hair? There are a number of factors that affect the amount of

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why do hamsters try to escape

Why do hamsters try to escape?

Recently a friend purchased a hamster for her children, only for it to escape a few days later. And although this story has a happy ending as the cheeky little chap was found safe and sound, it made me wonder, just what drives a hamster to want to leave the safety of its cage? Is

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