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can hamsters catch colds

Can hamsters catch colds?

It’s cold and flu season and whilst in our house we appear to be wallowing in our own sick beds for fear of infecting each other, it made me wonder if we should also be steering clear of our hamster Oscar? It is true, hamsters can catch colds. Although they are covered in fur, they

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what noises do hamsters make

What noises do hamsters make?

What types of noise does a hamster make? Most animals have a distinct sound that they make. Dogs bark, cats meow, cows moo but what noises can a hamster make and what do they mean? The most common noises that a hamster makes is to squeak, squeal, hiss or grind their teeth, all of which

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do hamsters get fleas

Do hamsters get fleas?

Whilst watching a family members pet dog scratch away whilst sat on my carpet floor, it got me wondering if hamsters could get fleas? Afterall dogs and cats can carry them in their fur, so surely small rodents such as hamsters can get them too? And more to the point, could Oscar catch them from

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why do hamsters hibernate

Why do hamsters hibernate?

As the mercury level dips on the thermometer and your heating roars into action inside, it is tempting to take a duvet day (or two!). And that is exactly what our hamster Oscar appears to be doing. Slightly more lethargic than usual, rousing him from his bed to play each day takes a little bit

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how to clean a hamster cage

How to clean a hamster cage

Easy ways to clean your hamster’s cage Just like any pet, a hamster comes with certain responsibilities. In addition to giving them plenty of love and attention, you need to handle them regularly, feeding them daily and clean them when required. Hamsters are relatively clean animals, but in order to maintain good hygiene and avoid

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how much time should I spend handling my hamster

How much time should I spend handling my hamster?

How often should you hold a hamster? This year has flown by and I cannot believe that our little Syrian hamster, Oscar, is about to turn one (yes, the kids are planning on throwing an extravagant party in his honour…well it’s a good excuse for cake)! Time ticks by so quickly and with the kids

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best hamster cage accessories

Best hamster cage accessories

Best hamster toys and accessories 2020 You have picked the perfect cage for your pet hamster, but now you need to fill it with toys and accessories that will keep them mentally and dentally challenged. Hamsters need cage accessories so that they can gnaw on them to keep their teeth in good condition and to

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why do hamsters chew on cage and bars at night

Why do hamsters chew on their cage and bite bars at night?

Reasons why hamsters chew on cage bars A persistent rotating hamster wheel is enough to send you insane but equally as annoying is the relentless sound of a hamster chewing on its cage bars. It’s enough to keep you awake at night and disturb you whilst you are watching TV. But is this constant chewing

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what are the best hamster cages

What is the best hamster cage to buy?

A buyers guide to the best hamster cages You want to find the perfect cage for your furry friend, but how do you know which cage will suit your hamster best? A cage not only offers your hamster a place to rest and play but somewhere they can feel safe and protected. There are so

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