Best hamster cage accessories

best hamster cage accessories

Best hamster toys and accessories 2020

You have picked the perfect cage for your pet hamster, but now you need to fill it with toys and accessories that will keep them mentally and dentally challenged.

Hamsters need cage accessories so that they can gnaw on them to keep their teeth in good condition and to relieve boredom through playing and running around. From wheels to tubes, hideouts and hammocks, we list the best hamster cage accessories around.

From personal experience we know how easy it is to be bamboozled by the number of gadgets and gizmos available for hamsters, so we have produced a guide to (what we consider to be), the best hamster cage accessories for 2020 and beyond.

dwarf hamster in the best wheel accessory

How to choose the best hamster wheel

Every hamster cage should have a wheel. In the wild hamsters run mini marathons each night and given the chance your pet hamster will too. But there are some important things to consider when selecting the best hamster wheel for your cage.

  1. Always choose a plastic wheel rather than a metal one. Although metal wheels are stronger, they are more likely to be chewed and often come with wire or mesh bars which can be dangerous to your hamsters paws. A good wheel should be made of non-toxic material, be solid and have tiny grips for your hamster to stand on.
  2. Make sure you get the correct size wheel for your hamster. It is really important that you buy your hamster the correct wheel for their size. A hamster should always run with a straight spine as running with an arched back can cause problems in the future, such as curvature of the spine. For more in-depth information on selecting the right size wheel for your hamster breed, read our informative blog here.
  3. You should also consider how noisy the wheel is likely to be. Most wheels squeak but there are now some on the market which claim to be silent, making your evenings a lot more serene whilst your nocturnal runner is at work.

Best hamster wheels

Your hamster will be perfectly happy spending their time in their cage, providing their needs for exercise are met. The best way to do this is by providing them with a hamster wheel on which to spin. Here are our top 3 hamster wheel recommendations.

love hamster wheel - best budget

1. Love Hamster Wheel – Best budget hamster wheel

We “love” this hamster wheel as it is quiet, non-slip and safe and comes in a variety of sizes (5.5 inch, 6.89 inch, 8.3 inch) and colors (yellow and blue).

It can also be either mounted to the side of your cage or free standing, depending on your preference. Made from high quality, durable, non-toxic materials, it is designed for silent operation. It is also incredibly well-priced.



kaytee crittertrail hamster wheel

2. Kaytee CritterTrail Comfort Wheel - Best clip on hamster wheel

This snap on hamster wheel is worth considering if you want to expand your hamsters living space. Installed outside of the cage via a connectable tube, this space saving wheel has a waste collecting cup so that the environment around it stays clean. Great for night use, it is relatively quiet and is just under 7 inches in size.



3. Silent Runner Exercise Wheel – Best Silent Hamster Wheel

The Silent Runner has a simple and effective design that is made with a combination of metal and non-toxic plastic. It features a non-slip textured running rack and has no center axle which helps to reduce the risk of spinal injury. Instead, the wheel is semi-enclosed with bean-shaped openings for safety and containment. It is incredibly quiet, plus it can be used as a free-standing wheel or mounted directly to the cage.



best hamster tubes and accessories

Hamster tubes and tunnel accessories

When living underground, hamsters build and use elaborate tunnel systems not only to hide but also to store food, rest, and even socialize. That’s why a healthy hamster habitat should include tubes, so that your pet can explore or rest.

Tubes and tunnels are incredibly versatile and have the ability to turn a humble hamster home into a palace. By linking them together you can expand the square footage of your cage and even build complex mazes inside and outside of your hamsters cage. Plus, by mixing up the layout on a regular basis, will help to prevent hamster boredom.

Just bear in mind before building your fortress, the age and ability of your hamster. A young spritely hamster will be excited at the prospect of foraging through tunnels for food whereas a hamster heading into old age may prefer a simpler and less strenuous run around. You should also consider the breed when buying a tube as you will need larger sized tunnels for Syrians than you will for a dwarf or Roborvoski.

Best hamster tubes

Whether you prefer natural materials or plastics, hamster tubes come in all different shapes, sizes and colors and can provide your ball of fluff with loads of fun. Below we list our top three best hamster tubes currently available to purchase on Amazon.

best budget hamster tube accessory

1. Ware Manufacturing Fun Tunnels – Best budget hamster tube

Our hamster Oscar loves this tunnel so much and used to make it his home until we found him the perfect hamster hideout. Made from stain resistant plastic this tube can be bought in a number of different colors and can expand to 30” long. 

This means that it can be easily adjusted to fit a variety of cages and is suitable for all breeds. What we particularly like about the accordion design of this tube, is that it enables us to set it in a variety of positions to stop Oscar from becoming bored.



best hamster tube accessory for bigger cage

2. KT Kaytee CritterTrail Fun-nels – Best tube for cage expansion

This pack of brightly colored twist and turn tunnels are great as they contain a selection of straight and curved tubes and connectors, allowing you to make whatever shapes you would like. 

Universally connectable to any CritterTrail cage, the Bubble Wave tube design features a comfort grip that is safe for your pet’s paws. Tubes can be bought in a variety of sizes and are relatively easy to clean by pulling apart and snapping them back together.



best hamster tube for exploring

3. GNB Pet Hamster Tunnel and Playground – Best tube for exploration

If you really want to get creative with your hamsters habitat, then this 94 piece set is great as it has been created with no specific build in mind. These tubes also come with a rugged inner surface to assist your hamster when climbing. 

Connectable and expandable, these tubes can be used as a playground either in the cage or as a tunnel run around when compatible with GNB Pet Hamster Cages. They can even link two cages together.



Hamster hideout accessories

A hamster hideout is basically a house for your hamster where they can go to feel safe or relax. It should be snug enough to curl up in and mimic their natural habitat.

This is definitely the one accessory that we were determined to get right for our hamster. Having loved our bed (pre kids) we were determined to find Oscar a special place that he could cosset himself away from prying eyes and poking fingers. 

We spent dollar after dollar on finding the perfect hammy hideaway, all of which were subsequently rejected by Oscar in favour of his tunnel. That said, after a lot of trial, error and perseverance we did eventually find him a hamster hideout that he loves (as shown below).

Best hamster hideouts

It is important that your hamster hideout does more than look cute, as it is likely to be the place your hamster spends most of its time. It should be easy to clean out, made of a safe material (plastic, wood, ceramic or natural) and be the perfect size. Think Goldilocks and the three bears – not too big and not too small – just right! Below we show you three hamster hideouts that we think will be “just right” for your hamster.

best overall hamster hideout

1. Sungrow hamster house with ladder – Best overall hamster hideout

This hamster house comes personally recommended, although I must confess, he isn’t overly bothered by the ladder (and he also bit through the rope) and wouldn’t venture in it when we hung it up. Yes, Oscar really is like Princess and the Pea, but buried in his sawdust he now thinks this hamster hideout offers the best bed. I like this cute coconut shell too as it not only looks nice in his bin cage but is non-toxic, so safe for hamsters (like Oscar) who like to chew.



best budget hamster hideout

2. Kaytee Igloo Hideaway – Best budget hamster hideout

This hamster house comes personally recommended, although I must confess, he isn’t overly bothered by the ladder (and he also bit through the rope) and wouldn’t venture in it when we hung it up. Yes, Oscar really is like Princess and the Pea, but buried in his sawdust he now thinks this hamster hideout offers the best bed. I like this cute coconut shell too as it not only looks nice in his bin cage but is non-toxic, so safe for hamsters (like Oscar) who like to chew.



best hideout for exploration

3. Beaks and Paws Hamster Hideaway – Best for exploration

Your home is your castle and this hamster home really is a castle! This hideout is made from untreated wood and features two separate floors leading to eight individual bedrooms – one for each day of the week! And once your hamster has negotiated the steps outside and the interior ladder, they will be well ready for a rest. Easy to split apart, this hamster hideaway can be rebuilt and customized for your hamster needs.



Hamster climbing frame accessories

If you have a wire cage, then you will know that hamsters love to climb. Even in our bin cage, Oscar enjoys the thrill of heaving himself on top of his wheel before swinging off the mesh lid and landing safely on the floor on all four paws.

This is because in the wild hamsters have to scramble around for food so are actually well accomplished mountaineers. In order to mimic this behavior in their cage, you should place small climbing frames, bridges, hammocks, ropes or ladders for them to clamber over.

Best hamster climbing frames

Although a wheel offers your furry friend a place to stretch their legs, hamster climbing frames and toy puzzles are not only good for exercise but offer mental stimulation.

There are loads of different types available to buy from ladders to suspension bridges and even hamster gyms. You can also mix these up with some simple D-I-Y solutions such as toilet rolls and popsicle sticks. Below is our recommendation for three very different types of hamster climbing frames.

best versatile hamster climbing frame

1. PIVBY hamster ladder bridge – Best versatile hamster climbing frame

Sometimes you don’t need all the bells and whistles in order for life to be fun. I love this bendable, brightly colored wooden bridge as it is so versatile it can be a climbing frame one day, a ladder the next and even a hammock. This type of toy is great for your hamsters balancing skills and encourages them to explore and exercise. And, if your hamster adores it, you could even try making one yourself using non-toxic glue and some wooden sticks.



best climbing frame for dental

2. Niteangel wooden interactive toy ball – Best climbing frame for dental and mental stimulation

What I like about this wooden climbing frame is that it is designed in a manner that encourages your hamster to use its imagination. Shaped liked an animal ball toy, they can climb through it, over it, roll it or chew it, as it is made from non-toxic natural wood. You can even hide food in it to nurture your hamsters foraging instincts.



best value for money climbing frame

3. Kaytee Puzzle Playground – Best value for money climbing frame

There are many brightly colored hamster toys on the market, but what is great about this one is that it is made up of many different intricate parts. This means that it can be dismantled and reassembled to make something different – each and every time. This playground is great for stimulating and challenging a hamsters mind as well as doubling as a hamster hideout – in effect, giving you two cage accessories for the price of one!




Imagine you’re a hamster…living in the same space every day for the rest of your life! Wouldn’t you crave some cool cage accessories to play with at night like a spinning wheel, a bendable tube and a crazy climbing frame? And come dawn, when the rest of your house is waking, wouldn’t you like somewhere safe to scamper too, such as a cozy hamster hideaway?

In order to ensure that our hamsters health and wellbeing needs are being met there are a variety of toys and accessories available to buy. But don’t be lured in by the bright packaging or sales messaging, here we’ve provided honest reviews of the best hamster cage accessories.

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